It was going to be another kind of Homerun Festival this year! Two weeks after Awakenings Festival, I was invited to Gelnhausen as photographer of the Open Air. After last year’s party including Frankfurt’s Techno Papa Sven Väth, a very different festival was waiting for me for the 5thyear as official photographer!

Time for Techno in Gelnhausen

Not only the lineup promised a harder sound with artists like Berghain Resident Ben Klock, Sam Paganini and Belgium’s own Charlotte de Witte, but also a complete new main stage design was presented. Besides the artists mentioned above, Local hero’s Juan Manuel, Stefano Filippelli, Drag & Drop, Ask:me, Skai and Anna Reusch, Djs like Matthias Tanzmann, Nick Curley as well as one of Gregor Tresher’s and Stephan Bodzin’s legendary live sets, lead to a diverse and interesting line up in Gelnhausen.

Photographing a growing Techno Festival

It is always fun to return to Homerun Open Air, which has grown remarkably in the past couple of years. One of the nice aspects about the festival is the focus on detail when it comes to the decoration. An adventurous, jungle-like atmosphere is created through flowers and wooden elements. Another aspects is, that every year I got the impression that Homerun Open has still kept its position as platform for both international and local DJs.

Germany Techno Documentation

Definitely It will be excited to see how the Festival will develop in the future and I am looking forward to return to Gelnhausen for another edition of Homerun Open Air!

Next up on my festival schedule will be Love Family Park! Stoked for the Festival to return!

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